Roselle R. Aquino

Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City – The number of carnapping cases in Calabarzon region has slightly increased by 80.65 percent in Jan to June 2022 as compared to the same period last year.

Based on data obtained by Frontpage, the total average loss per day for motor vehicles and motorcycles reportedly increased by 9.03 and 80.65 percent respectively during the period of Jan. to June 4, 2022 as compared to 5.81 to 31.61 percent during the same period last year.

The reported number of carnapped motorcycles in the province of Rizal has more than doubled, while in Cavite it has reportedly increased almost six times.

Records showed that the number of reported carnapped motor vehicles and motorcycles in Cavite increase by 10 to 40 respectively for 2022, Laguna 2 to 10, Batangas 1 to 7, Rizal 0 to 50, Quezon 1 to 18 as compared to the same period last year.

The total recovery rate of the five provinces has also dropped to 35.97% for 2022 as compared to 55.17% last year.

Meanwhile, the total number of the operations conducted reportedly increased by 125 for 2022 as compared to 49 operations for the same period last year.

Lt. Col. Jose Naparato, Deputy Chief of Regional Operation Unit said the reported carnapped motorcycles are usually stolen while parked unattended while some are stolen at gunpoint with intimidation.

Naparato urged motorists to always lock car doors and windows while traveling or while parked, park vehicles at a safe and secure place and avoid leaving valuables inside the car to preclude temptation. He added that motorists must avoid making stops in isolated places, avoid stopping for strangers, and avoid waiting inside the car while parked.