The Levistes of Batangas 103 years in Public Service

by Derrick Manas

The 4th and 5th Generation of the Levistes in public service – Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste and his son, Vice Mayor Ronin Leviste of Lian,Batangas.

It all started in 1919, around 103 years ago when Don Gregorio Leviste became the first Mayor of Malvar, Batangas followed by Don Julio Leviste who was elected Mayor in 1926.

Don Julio Leviste’s son, Feliciano “Sanoy” Leviste was elected Governor in 1947 and stepped down in 1971, undefeated in 6 elections, the longest in Batangas history for 24 years.

The son of Governor Sanoy Leviste became Congressman in 1967 and Assemblyman in 1978, Cong. Expedito Malvar Leviste, whose mother Aurelia Malvar, was the eldest daughter of General Miguel Malvar.

The nephew of Governor Sanoy Leviste was elected Vice Governor in 1971. After the early demise of Governor Antonio Carpio in February 1971, he became the undisputed Governor of Batangas until 1981 – Gov. Tony Leviste, son of Don Lauro Panganiban Leviste, a brother of Governor Sanoy Leviste.

In 1971, another nephew of Governor Sanoy Leviste named Dr. Jose “Joey” Leviste Jr was elected Con-Con delegate including a cousin, Oscar Leviste. Dr. Joey Leviste’s brother became Provincial Board Member in 1988 until 1995 –Mario “Sanny” Leviste. They are the sons of Dr. Jose Leviste Sr, younger brother of Governor Sanoy Leviste.

In 2004, a grandson of Don Lauro Leviste and  a son of Mr. Conrad Leviste, former Chairman of the Bureau of Investments (BOI) was elected Board Member, and in 2007 became the youngest Vice Governor at the age of 29 — Vice Governor Mark Leviste.

Vice Governor Mark Leviste made a comeback in 2019 and is now on his unprecedented 5th term as Vice Governor of Batangas province at the age of only 44.

Recently, the Vice Governor’s eldest son won as Vice Mayor of Lian, Batangas – Ronin Leviste. At the age of 23, perhaps he is the youngest Vice Mayor in Batangas history.