Burning Passion

by Ronel M. Sapungan

Passion never dies; it either just hibernates or lies dormant for some time.

True indeed, for a couple of years, my desire to write academic, inspirational, and principle-laden reflective essays for books and the newspapers had taken its decisive break.

You may call it, a writer’s hibernation. Well, I would like it to be labelled, a writer’s latency.

I never thought that writing would totally rest and later expire like a dying amber. I was oblivious that I had not noticed the torch of fire was almost exhausted. It was like a flame of burning bush unnoticeably turned into a spit of fire in a thick dark night. 

After a short self-reflection and contemplation, the Holy Ghost who blessed me and morphed me into a good and effective communicator, had awakened the dormant writer in me. The flame of fire had been breathed that warmed the focolare in my heart until it became a conflagration, red-hot, sweltering, scorching…an unexplainable Chernobyl-like explosion,,,.its power is incredible…its impact is unbelievable.   

As I sat down and conceptualized a topic for this column, I could feel the spark that made me realize how valuable my passion to writing is. The moment my fingers hit a few letters on my laptop keyboard, I sensed how profound writing that rooted into my heart and soul is. After each beautiful phrases that flowed down from my head to the keyboard, I had recalled the wonderful fruits of my love for writing and how it has affected my whole life and the avid readers of my crafts.

The articles that I write for the newspaper column and the stories and reflections that I publish in my books have made me appreciate my passion and love for writing.

God’s special gift. Writing is a wonderful gift. It is as beautiful and vital as the air I breathe and the borrowed life I live. It is a wonderful gift that God has given me. I cannot imagine how truly blessed I am for being one of a few chosen people with a knack for writing. The pieces of literature that I wrote such as poems, song lyrics, prayers, speeches, forewords, news articles, newspaper column, researches, and books are all offshoots of this special gift called writing.  The published and unpublished works have already inspired so many people. These all have made my entire family and good friends happy and proud. All are brilliant manifestations of God’s power and generosity which I truly appreciate.   

A gesture of generosity. I strongly believe in the power of generosity. I fully understand that writing is an incredible manifestation God’s kindness to human beings. It is so powerful that I can put words together, combine fragments and phrases, and organize sentences and paragraphs to convey the message with sense and purpose. I am still amazed until now that I can write reflective essays and column articles for the newspaper and magazine, researches for the journals, and stories and reflections for books to motivate and stir people to do something good for humanity.

A legacy to humanity. I was not a born writer, I am made. The urge to write started when I was in college. I was fortunate to land a position as a literary editor of the collegiate campus paper. The burning desire to put the thoughts and emotions in print had been intensified when I became a high school paper adviser. It was fortified by the awards and the elite experiences in the national press conferences here and abroad. The passion for writing continued until I became an adviser of an international university publication in the Kingdom of Bahrain. I have written seven books and modules for university-wide use. My textbook on foreign language has already been sold in the National Book Store nationwide and used by many senior high schools, colleges, and universities in the country and abroad. My self-help and inspirational books have already earned good reputations in the Book Writers Community. My recognition and certification as a bona fide writer by the National Library recently became a remarkable stamp of being a writer and a book author. I am now the editor in chief of Conocimiento, a research journal of the College of Accountancy, Business, Economics and International Hospitality Management of Batangas State University-JPLPC Malvar campus. All of these accomplishments and wealthy experiences as a writer along with my recent research publications in peer-reviewed and Scopus-indexed journals are my legacy to my family, to the academe, and to humanity.

Inspired by these thoughts, I would like to consider this first online article as my humble gift to you my precious readers.

The plethora of wealthy thoughts and oodles of inspiration that have been poured instinctively unto me every waking hour is a culmination of my dream and aspiration for you.

It’s a good comeback though. I want to re-state and relive my goals as a writer: To share the love and passion for writing (specially for budding writers), to bring inspiration and motivation to the people of various ages with different beliefs, and promote my advocacy of Giving Back, a worth-emulating culture for all. 

To my fellow writers and everybody whose talent is at dormant state, wake up, rise up from solitude and desperation, lit your torch, let its flame burst and fiery, and keep the warmth of passion transcends to inspire, motivate, and love.

Let this God’s wonderful gift and its fruits become superb manifestations of our passion, a gesture of generosity, and a legacy to humanity.    

Believe in the power of love and passion. Despite uncontrollable circumstances, the desire to pen down succinct pieces of literature and love for your special talent should remain burning, through time and distance, the love and desire for it never ends.