Sonny T. Mallari

A man lost his life while trying to pacify his drunken son in Binangonan town in Rizal province early Monday, Aug. 29.

In a report, police in Calabarzon said bolo-wielding Jomary Andaya, who was drunk at the time, went unruly in Barangay Tanod at around 4 a.m.

Jomary, who was followed by his father Noli to calm him down, went to the house of their neighbor, Kelvin Herrera, and challenged anyone to a fight.

Kelvin left the house to try to soothe Jomary. Jomary did not listen to the pleading and instead punched Kelvin unconscious.

This prompted the suspect, Danzel Herrera, also Kelvin’s brother, to charge at Jomary and Noli, repeatedly stabbing the father and son in different parts of their bodies using a kitchen knife.

Both victims were rushed to Margarito Duavit Hospital in the locality, but Noli died along the way.

Danzel was arrested by the barangay peacekeepers and was turned over to the police.